Welcome to the first building management software to use blockchain technology to secure the communication between the user and the building. 

What is blockchain? Check out this great info from IBM.


Don’t you wish you could know everything about your building right when it happens? With inCharge, you can. Send custom alarms and warnings directly to your phone or email to gain real-time control of your building.


Artificial Intelligence models constantly run in the background of inCharge software to help optimize the performance of your building. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? Check out this great info from Brookings.


Are you worried you don’t have the right kind of hardware for inCharge to work? Don’t worry, inCharge can run independently and does not require any specific types of controls to be pre-installed. If you do need specific hardware, we’ll make sure you have everything you need. No prerequisites here!


Apartment complexes, healthcare buildings, small offices, restaurants, etc… any kind of building is compatible with inCharge. To learn more about how inCharge can specifically help you, check out our Solutions page.


All energy usage products that are wired or plugged into your building can be monitored with inCharge. HVAC, electricity, fire systems, water systems, and more can all be included in your inCharge program.

enough technicalities...

¬†At the end of the day, inCharge exists solely to help you save and sustain. We want to be your full-time, long-term partner in energy management. We aren’t going to charge you an arm and a leg. For a low upfront cost and a low monthly monitoring free, the best building management system is yours. If you already have a building management system in place, we will just add on to it. If you don’t, then we’ll take care of getting you the hardware you need.